S P E C T H E R M A will find leaks behind

walls, and detect damaged

or missing insulation


S P E C T H E R M A Perth Infrared Thermographic Services

S P E C T H E R M A will find cold, wet, mouldy

spots in your home

S P E C T H E R M A protects

the environment, saves energy

and money at the same time when 

the cost of electricity is continually rising


 Non-invasive method

We can check what's behind your walls


Who we are

S P E C T H E R M A is the environmental consulting business established in 2009 by Perth thermographic specialist.

The technical expertise is build on over 12 years of experience in the field of analysis and processing of remotely sensed imagery  and mechanical engineering.

The goal of the business is to provide wide range of services that will create more sustainable world. It offers wide range of theromographic analysis.


What we do

The main services include Energy Audits for private homes, commercial properties, industrial properties and schools.


The comprehensive checklist of typical energy audit consists of the following:

  • Heat Loss Inspections and identification of air leakage energy losses

  • Non-invasive detection of missing or damaged insulation

  • Non-invasive Moisture and Leak Detection

  • Moisture evaluation and mould detection

  • Building wall integrity inspections

  • Checking for leaks in water pipes


S P E C T H E R M A is an energy smart supplier : www.energysmartdirectory.com

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